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Why You Should Treat Your Home Like a Relationship

It’s easy to forget about putting continuous effort into our homes — after all, they aren’t as demanding as the human relationships in our lives (at least hopefully).

While there’s a big difference between stewarding your household and developing a strong personal or business connection with another person, we think you can benefit from treating your home a bit less like a commodity and a bit more like a relationship.

Here’s why.

Your home is a long-term investment

Is your current home your “forever house?” Then we know you want to keep it in top shape for years to come. But even if you plan to sell or rent out your house within the near future, homeownership is still a long-term investment. The small decisions you make day in and day out can have a big impact on your house’s value down the line.

By treating your home like a growing relationship, you’ll be better able to maximize its potential. Just like forging a connection with a new romantic partner, friend, or manager, homeownership requires you to put in effort upfront to reap the benefits later on.

Instead of accepting your home as-is and feeling like it’s already a done deal, try to imagine all of the things it can be. Be intentional about the work you do now (regular cleaning and professional inspecting is a good place to start) to set yourself up for success moving forward.

Homeownership should be mutually beneficial

Like any healthy relationship, homeownership should be mutually beneficial — you and your house should both become better because of each other, not worse. Thankfully, with the right balance of give and take, you can keep your home in peak quality without suffering any undue stress.

When you take care of your home, it provides you with shelter (and one of the most powerful financial assets in today’s modern society). And when your home meets your most basic needs and offers a space to love, learn, and live, it becomes easier to find the resources to take care of it.

In this way, homeownership is a generous cycle — just like our best personal relationships are.

There’s always room to grow — and that’s okay!

Just like your role in any other relationship in your life, you’ll always have room to grow into a better homeowner. We can’t know everything at the beginning — especially when it comes to something as complex as being responsible for an entire building — and it turns out one of the best ways to learn is simply through experience.

As your life changes, your relationship with your home will change, too. Maybe you’ll need to add on or remodel when you have kids. Maybe a surprise flood will inspire you to finally finish that basement. Maybe you’ll downsize.

While change is inevitable, what really matters is being willing to continue learning and applying your knowledge.

Revive Restoration is here to help you make your relationship with your home the best it can be. When things go wrong, we’ll be there within minutes to put them right again with our emergency restoration services — and we’re more than happy to remodel your space even when it hasn’t been damaged.

Stay tuned to our blog for more homeownership advice and tips!

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