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Roof Damage

How to Stay Safe From Roof Ice Dams

The dangers of ice dams range from physical injury to water damage to respiratory problems and more — quite a list! Thankfully, they can be easily removed with the proper skills and equipment.

What is an ice dam?
Ice dams are ridges of ice that can form on the edge of your roof after a heavy snow, hail, or sleet storm. As the snow at the top of your roof melts, it runs to the bottom where more snow and ice block it from draining off.

Since the edge of your roof is colder than the top because it isn’t directly adjacent to a heated living space, this buildup is unlikely to melt on its own.

Why are they dangerous?
As ice dams prevent melted snow and ice from draining into your gutters, standing water can pool on your roof, eventually seeping through into your home. This can cause an array of leak problems like damaged rafters, framing, and roof decking.

As the water continues to leak, it will permeate your insulation, making it even harder to prevent future ice dams. If the moisture problem goes on long enough, the buildup can encourage mold growth that leads to allergic reactions or other respiratory problems.

Ice dams also cause large icicles at the edge of your roof. When these break, they can damage the gutter, siding, and roof itself — not to mention there is the potential for serious injury if someone happens to be standing below.

What can you do?
Snow starts to melt and trickle down your roof when the space directly underneath gets too warm, so you can try to prevent ice dams by ensuring your home has proper insulation. If the underside of the roof never heats up, layers of snow and ice won’t melt prematurely. It’s a good idea to have your insulation regularly inspected to make sure it’s doing its job.

If an ice dam has already built up on the edge of your roof, you need to get it removed immediately. You might think you can do it yourself, especially if the dam is small, but the safest option is to hire a professional.

At Revive Restoration, we’re ice dam removal experts — we get a lot of practice in these Midwest winters! Our professional equipment and trained staff can take care of the problem quickly and safely, making sure your home doesn’t experience any water damage. And there’s no need to worry if leaks have already started. We can stop them in their tracks to keep your belongings safe.

If you’re concerned about the damage ice dams can cause, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’ve got you covered 24/7.

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