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Board Up Services

Whether your windows are broken by a storm, fire, or other damage, one thing is certain:

they need fast protection from the elements until they can be fully replaced.

We know it can be tough to coordinate schedules, evaluate pricing estimates, and finally get your restoration project underway. These delays can leave your Madison area home or business unprotected, potentially causing even more time and financial cost down the line.

Our board-up services are designed to keep your home safe from further harm in the meantime! We’ll get there fast, and we’ll make sure nothing else can damage your space — guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Board Up Services

What does "board up" mean?

Board up is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: it’s the process of sealing off windows, doors, and other openings of a home or business with wooden boards to protect the structure from damage.

Most often, windows and doors are boarded up after severe storm or fire damage that has left a building exposed to the elements. Boarding up a home or business can also protect it from vandalism and theft during the repair process.

Why should I board up my windows after storm or fire damage?

If your home or business has been damaged by a storm, fire, or other event, the last thing you need is an even longer list of repairs coming your way. Unfortunately, that’s often exactly what happens — an initial disaster will leave openings that allow the elements to get inside your building and wreak further havoc.

By boarding up your windows and doors, you seal them off from the outside world. This protects your property from rain, wind, debris, theft, and vandalism that can all increase the cost and timeline of repairs.

What are alternatives to boarding up windows?

Some people use sheets of plastic or tarps to seal their building from the elements after damage. In more mild cases, this can be a cost-effective alternative that requires less setup and take down than full-on wooden boarding. Unfortunately, though, a simple tarp is not enough to protect a home or business when the openings are particularly large or the environment is unfriendly. If you’re concerned about further damage to your building, it’s best to play it safe and use professional board up services.

How do I board up my windows?

There are a few steps to boarding up your home or business’s doors and windows after they’ve been damaged.

  1. First, protect yourself from hazards like broken glass by wearing safety glasses and thick gloves. Long sleeves and pants are also recommended.
  2. Tape over cracks in windows that haven’t been completely shattered, or remove them entirely. If you leave a crack untreated, it has the potential of getting bigger and causing further harm.
  3. Measure the window or door’s frame and cut an appropriately-sized board to cover the opening.
  4. Secure the board to the window or door frame, preferably with a power drill. You can also nail the wood in place, though it will take a little longer.

If those steps seem complicated (and they sure can be — measuring and cutting for a large do-it-yourself project like this is no easy task) don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional restoration company like Revive for help. We’ve boarded up countless homes, so the process is second-nature.

Do I need to board up my windows before a storm?

If you know a big storm like a high-speed tornado is on the way, boarding up your windows and doors before the rain and wind hits can protect your home or business from even being damaged in the first place.

It’s not always necessary, especially for the milder weather events we most commonly see in the Midwest, but it’s never a bad idea to be cautious if you’re concerned.

If you’re worried about an incoming storm, get in touch with us right away so we can seal up your building’s vulnerabilities as soon as possible!

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