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Duct & Carpet Cleaning

Indoor air pollution is the fourth greatest environmental threat to Americans.

Dirt and dust continually accumulate on the inside surfaces of your ductwork, which can cause mold, bacteria, allergens, and fungi to grow and reproduce. Contaminated air then circulates through your home or business several times a day and is breathed by your entire family.

Some of the benefits of duct cleaning include eliminating dander, dust, and chemicals that can negatively affect respiratory health and autoimmune disorders. It also saves you money by improving the cost-effectiveness of heating and cooling, something we all know is vital in four-season Wisconsin.

Many events, big or small, can soil your home’s carpet. Revive Restoration has the skills and experience to bring it back to its former glory.

Carpets can often be thoroughly cleaned instead of being fully replaced, which saves you time and money. We’ll always offer the best recommendations to take care of your space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Duct and Carpet Cleaning

How often do I need to get my air ducts cleaned?

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association recommends having your ducts cleaned every three to five years to maintain the quality of air in your home or business. On average, that’s how long it takes for the ducts to fill back up with dirt, dust, and grime after a proper cleaning, but keep in mind that three to five years is the minimum. Some buildings might need more frequent cleanings depending on their location and usage.

What are the benefits of cleaning my air ducts?

Indoor air pollution is the fourth greatest environmental threat to Americans. Regular air duct cleanings are an important part of keeping the air in your home or business clean and breathable.

Over time, dust and dirt continually accumulate on the inside of your ductwork. If left unchecked, harmful mold and bacteria can grow and eventually spread throughout your home in the contaminated air.

A proper duct cleaning will eliminate these dust particles, allergens, and chemicals to reduce the risk of respiratory problems in the people frequenting your home or business.

How long does it take carpets to dry after cleaning?

On average, carpets take between 6-10 hours to dry on their own after being cleaned. If the weather outside is dry, opening up your home or business’s windows can speed up this process. On the other hand, if it’s raining or particularly humid, it might take your carpets even longer to get to the point where you can walk on them again. In some cases, a full 24 hours is needed to eliminate all traces of dampness.

A great way to speed up your carpet’s drying time is to use high-quality floor fans. These machines are specifically designed to move a large volume of air right above your floors, and they are often used to reduce water during the flood restoration process. One of these fans can typically dry an entire room in a little over a half hour.

How dirty is my home's carpet?

Your carpet is probably dirtier than you think. Dust, dead skin cells, and more regularly fall onto our floors, and when we walk on them we grind those allergens and bacteria further into the carpet. This becomes difficult to clean with just a vacuum — even if you vacuum at a regular once-a-week interval, your carpet is likely home to a slew of potentially harmful bacteria.

Some of the most common debris found buried in carpets when they’re cleaned are dust mites, per hair, outside dirt or soil, and food particles. That should be enough to make you think twice before eating the piece of food you just dropped on the ground!

How can I keep my carpet clean?

In order to keep your carpets clean from bacteria and allergens, you should take a few steps:

  • Vacuum regularly. While vacuuming doesn’t remove all of the dirt from your carpet, it is absolutely essential to keep debris from accumulating in high volumes.
  • Consider placing rugs in high-traffic areas. Protecting your carpet with an easily-washable rug is a great way to make sure you’re walking on clean floors.
  • Remove outside shoes before walking on your carpet. Over 70 percent of people admit to walking on their carpet with their outdoor shoes on. This pushes large amounts of dirt deep into your flooring.
  • Get your carpets professionally cleaned. The best way to truly remove dust, dirt, and other particles from your floors is to have them taken care of by someone with experience and high-quality equipment. A trained crew can wash away nearly all traces of allergens and bacteria to prevent mold, respiratory problems, and long-term stains.

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