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Contents Restoration

Revive Restoration uses ultrasonic cleaning technology to remove dirt and contaminants from a variety of objects damaged by age, chemicals, water and/or fire. Ultrasonic cleaning is gentle, fragrant-free and reduces allergens. It is the best restoration process for effectively and safely cleaning and deodorizing without water or chemically-based cleaning processes.

  • Paintings
  • Antiques
  • Mattresses
  • Furniture
  • Fabrics & Textiles
  • Electronics
  • Photographs
  • Documents

Frequently Asked Questions About Contents Restoration

Can furniture be saved after a flood?

Whether or not furniture can be saved after a flood depends on the type and severity of the damage.

Unfortunately, items damaged by sewer water are usually unsalvageable and need to be disposed of and replaced. This is because the bacteria and toxins present in sewage are difficult to clean completely, especially from porous materials like fabric furniture.

If furniture is damaged by “clean” water, however, it can generally be restored as long as the damage is noticed early on. If moisture is left for an extended period of time, mold and structural damage to the furniture’s frame can develop, which is more difficult to repair.

If you have questions about whether a favorite piece of furniture can be restored, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’ll use our years of experience and professional training to give you a straight answer.

What items can be saved or restored after a house fire?

What can and can’t be saved after a fire depends both on the types of materials and severity of the damage.

It’s difficult to tell what can be restored and what needs to be thrown away just by looking; generally, a professional restoration company will take a closer examination to see how severe the damage is. Smoke can permeate objects, especially those made of fabric, even without leaving visible soot deposits.

With that said, there are a few items you should always throw away, regardless of how damaged or undamaged they appear. These include any food, medicines, and cosmetics that were exposed to the fire.

What is ultrasonic cleaning technology?

Ultrasonic cleaning technology uses high-frequency sound waves to dislodge tough bacteria and debris at a microscopic level. A generator creates ultrasonic waves by vibrating at a high frequency inside of a specially-designed water tank, and this tears the liquid apart to create cavitation bubbles. These bubbles then release energy as they touch the materials being cleaned, which helps push even the smallest particles of dirt and grime out.

The ultrasonic cleaning process doesn’t require harsh chemicals or intense hands-on work, and it leads to a more complete and sanitary clean than most alternatives.

Are chemical-based cleaners dangerous?

Many chemical cleaning products that are considered commonplace are actually quite toxic to your health. Products that contain volatile organic compounds (commonly abbreviated VOCs) are especially dangerous, as are those with ammonia and bleach.

Too much exposure to these chemicals can cause allergic reactions, fatigue, headaches, and long-term respiratory problems. It’s important to wear protective clothing like rubber gloves and a fabric or cloth face mask if you’ll be using any of these cleaners.

Can I use my electronics after a fire or flood?

It’s tempting to turn on your electronic devices like cell phones and computers right after an event like a fire or flood to see if they still work, but that’s actually one of the worst things you can do.

Many electronics can be saved if they are cleaned properly. If they are turned on before corrosive acids or harmful water have been fully removed from the internal circuits, however, the device will immediately fail, often beyond repair.

The best bet is to keep all electronics unplugged and seek professional assistance. For smaller damages, wiping the smoke or water residue off with a soft cloth might be enough.

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