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Reduce Stress: The Benefits of Regular House Cleaning

We have good news for all the “neat freaks” out there. Regular house cleaning not only keeps your physical space in top shape — it can also have a positive impact on your mental health!

Keeping an organized home can be one of the easiest ways to boost your mood in our chaotic world. You can reap a big reward from the small investment of just a few hours each week.

Here are some of the biggest benefits of regular house cleaning.


Having a clean home reduces stress

Living in a clean, organized space reduces stress for multiple reasons.

  • It makes it easier to find things. You’re never worried about where your keys, wallet, or that important document are!
    You won’t run late as often. Having everything in its place makes moving through your morning tasks or pre-errand routines a breeze.
  • You feel in control. In today’s tumultuous times, it’s common to feel overwhelmed or helpless. Staying in charge of your space helps you take back some autonomy.
  • It’s visually pleasing. Looking around a crisp, clean room can inspire feelings of satisfaction — not unlike watching those addictive cookie decorating videos on Facebook!
  • And more.

In fact, more than half of American adults say that keeping a clean home significantly alleviates their stress levels.


The actual process of cleaning can boost your mood

While the end product of living in a spotless, organized home can reduce your stress levels, there are additional benefits in the actual process of cleaning. Want a quick, guaranteed mood boost? Spend an hour getting your physical space together!

The biggest reason cleaning is so satisfying is that you feel productive. Especially in this new age of working from home, it’s easy to feel like our ability to “get things done” is dwindling amidst countless distractions.

Cleaning produces a tangible end product in a short amount of time — 70 percent of people say it offers a feeling of pride and accomplishment.

There are a few other ways the act of cleaning can boost your mood, too:

  • If you choose, it gives you time to mediate. You can turn on your favorite soothing playlist and turn your thoughts elsewhere while you go through the well-known motions.
  • In another approach, you can make it into a pump-up party. Many Americans love to dance while they clean!


Cleaning can provide exercise

What’s more — cleaning can also provide a good amount of exercise.

If you pay attention the next time you clean, you’ll notice just how many muscles you use. You walk back and forth frequently, squat, bend over, and more.

Depending on how large your space is and what tasks you choose to complete, it’s not uncommon to get more than half of your recommended daily steps just from vacuuming, doing a few loads of laundry, and scrubbing the bathrooms.

That physical exercise plays a key role in mental health, producing endorphins and increasing your overall wellbeing.


It’s easier to spot potential problems in a clean home

Finally, keeping a clean home can save you from experiencing future stress.

When you regularly inspect your space’s various nooks and crannies, it’s easy to spot potential problems before they become large-scale issues. By reporting the first sign of a leak or mold growth to a certified professional, you can get damage fixed quickly and affordably.

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